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interstellar insights.

Inspiration from light years away.
We’re fully remote, headquartered in Paris and with virtual offices in 2 continents, 5 countries and 9 cities.
We get at real human truths by being real human beings. We embrace our differences, we value diversity, and we honor each other. Understanding and empathy are at the forefront of all of our interactions.
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our work is built on Four Value Pillars:
We committed to our work, our clients and our suppliers. This means we don’t skimp on details, we see things through to the end, and we aim to be #alwaysimproving.
Though outer space is a vacuum, we don’t work in one. Our desire to inform, inspire and elevate our clients can only be realized through constant communication, sharing and realignment.
We’re transparent about everything from pricing to project hiccups, and we ask the same of our clients and suppliers. The more we know about your aims and objectives, the better we can serve you.
We aim to like the work we do, and to do work we like--and we want our clients to love the process as much as we do.
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Nikki Lavoie
‍‍‍‍‍‍"The Captainess"
Founder & CEO
Nikki is the mastermind steering the MindSpark ship and setting the vision for the future with her decades long multi- and cross-cultural expertise in the insight industry. A long-time ESOMAR Council member, Nikki loves speaking on stage, throwing energetic workshops, and brainstorming about new and innovative ideas. When she’s not in the field, you’ll find her in pajamas either gaming, doing yoga, or having cozy time with her close friends and family.

SUPERPOWER: can steer any ship towards solutions!
Elvin Tuygan
"The Elvinator"
Research Director
Elvin cooks up actionable insights from the human explorations she designs - known as the “cultural translator”, with 15 years of experience working with global multinational companies under her belt, she thrives working with user-centered innovation and ethnographic research. When she’s off work, she’s pursuing her passion of modern art and spends her time jamming out with her band.

SUPERPOWER: makes data dance and slides sing!
Stewart Allen
Research Lead
Stewart has extensive experience in ethnographic and qual research in development, customer insight, digital healthcare and tech. He specializes in applying strategic insight and ethnographic research methods to projects across the globe, resulting in a deep understanding of cultural diversity. In his free time, he can usually be found playing volleyball at the beach, in the CrossFit box, or sinking a cerveza in the nearest plaza.

SUPERPOWER: can grow an award-winning moustache!
Katerina Ivanova
Research Lead
Katerina brings empathy, a can-do attitude, and broad international experience to conducting research projects. A big believer in putting user needs at the core, she loves solving problems for people and developing engaging, inclusive and sustainable experiences. When she’s not at her computer, you’ll find her taking pictures of buildings, discovering new music, and dreaming of having a house full of dogs.

SUPERPOWER: can turn any research seed into a findings flower!
Nicholas Aramouni
Research Associate
Nick’s past work experiences have included music and cultural policy, alongside working with youth on self-improvement. He loves challenges and is always in search of new opportunities to grow. External to his career, Nick’s time is usually spent on drinking caffeine in any capacity, reading fiction, browsing through self-help podcasts, and writing. If not all this, he’s probably eating an abundance of Greek or Lebanese food.

SUPERPOWER: always gets the worm (because he's the earliest bird)!
Isabel Hopkins
Quantitative Consultant
Isabel has a particular understanding of developing complex products (including within tech, finance and communications / media) and she puts her quant witch powers to use in order to produce actionable results. When she isn't deep in an Excel file, Isabel enjoys taking her dachshund for walks, chilling out with a book or word game in her beach hut and being intellectually out-witted by her six god-children!

SUPERPOWER: can bend any number into insights!
Dora Szilagyi
‍‍‍‍"The Explorer"
Operations Director
Dora has vast multicultural experience from four countries and has built a career on 3 P’s: perfection, precision and persistence. She is an agile problem-solver, always at the heart of things and keeping everyone and everything aligned - always focusing on efficiency and productivity. Outside of work, you’ll find her sipping on wine, exploring the French countryside, entertaining her (not chunky) cats and cooking.

SUPERPOWER: whips details into submission!
Anna Nagy
Operations Coordinator
Anna brings forth several years of experience managing multinational projects and keeping everything on track. She’s super enthusiastic to find seamless solutions, she absolutely loves working in Excel and staying organized. When she has extra time in her calendar, she’s either in the kitchen cooking and baking or she’s taking pictures of the fabulous food she made. #foodstylingqueen

SUPERPOWER: service (and sarcasm) with a smile!
Eva Villegas Quevedo
Executive Assistant
Eva comes from an international management background and helps us stay the course. She’s resourceful and has lots of gumption. Eva also always has a huge cloud of positivity and optimism around her, which we really like and enjoy (and often wish we had!) Outside of work, she’s probably on her couch watching crime investigation shows with a glass of white and a cheese platter.

SUPERPOWER: sees light years into the future!
Norbert Sari
Marketing Lead
Norbert brings a can-do attitude and a wealth of experience from multiple disciplines. He's a hybrid brand strategist and designer with business acumen. Norbert’s always full of ideas, is known to be bold and spontaneous, and enjoys outside-the-box thinking. In his free time, you’ll probably find him lounging on the beach, learning something new or exploring the hidden corners of Southern Spain with his 2 derpy dogs.

SUPERPOWER: soaks up new skills like a sponge!
Eva Berliner
Client Engagement Lead
Eva makes sure each client is happy and satisfied. With several years of customer-facing international experience, she enjoys networking, making people’s lives better and is an empathetic problem-solver. Whenever she’s not working, Eva watches British TV shows and goes on long walks (or jogs) with her dog in the countryside while her 4 cats are eagerly awaiting her return at home.

SUPERPOWER: a master of reading between the lines!
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