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Propel your teams with intergalactic energy and knowledge
These are short live classes that will be adjusted to your team's individual needs and availability.
Storytelling and Impactful Presentations
This class will give you a head start on preparing engaging and impactful presentations whether you want to show your audience the impact of your work or just pitch a simple idea.

Key output: Storytelling checklist, sample presentation
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User Journey and Persona Development
This module is a fun and energizing unit that will show you how to approach everything from the customer/users’ perspective and bring to life their key characteristics.

Key output: Persona Cards, User Journey Blueprint
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Insight Activation
This class is about delving deeper and developing a more immersive read-out of your research results. Learn about inviting your stakeholders to really understand learnings through co-creation sessions and creative thinking about next steps.

Key output: Impactful and shareable presentation with relevant artifacts
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IN-depth Bootcamps and Masterclasses
These are 8-week programs that include weekly modules with assignments and usually start 2 times a year.
Global Research Bootcamp
An 8-week bootcamp that helps you to get the most out of your in-house research efforts - consisting of 7 modules that cover everything you need to know to get started on doing global research, whether F2F or remotely. The bootcamp ends with individual tutoring where you can ask questions and get relevant ideas and solutions for you and your team.
Week 1: Embarking on Global Research
Week 2: Apples to Oranges Recruitment
Week 3: Getting Out Into the (Digital) Field
Week 4: Interviewing Users
Week 5: Simultaneous Multi-Market Studies
Week 6: Reporting on Multiple Markets
Week 7: Extending the Shelf-life of Data
Week 8: one-to-one tutoring and wrap-up
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An 8-week masterclass on the most ins and outs of research that will make you think differently and holistically - consisting of 6 modules and 2 individual check-ins, this masterclass is designed to get into the nitty gritty of designing and conducting research, delivering insights that go beyond a report, and ultimately making your research inspirational.
Week 1: Design Thinking
Week 2: User Journey and Persona Development
Week 3: Storytelling and Impactful Presentations
Week 4: individual check-in (30 min)
Week 5: Service Design Frameworks
Week 6: Creative Techniques and Tools
Week 7: Insight Activation
Week 8: individual check-in and wrap-up (30 min)
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