Founder, CEO and Chief Sparkologist of MindSpark
Nikki is a spirited and intuitive qualitative UX researcher who translates her passion for understanding people into strategic insight. Originally from New Hampshire, she has been living and working in France since 2011.

During this time, she has focused largely on combining ethnographic and digital techniques in a cross-cultural context, as a result of her years spent in the US and as an expat living in Paris.

She has been presenting on topics like agile qualitative research, linguistics and DEI (diversity, equality and inclusion) for over 15 years.

Past speaking engagements
• Keynote Speaker at Australian Research Society, 2021
• Design Thinking Facilitator
• DEI workshop leader at numerous Fortune 500 companies, globally
• Keynote Speaker at SparkSummit 2020
• Leader of Diversity Panels at the 2020 ESOMAR Digital Insights Festival
• Speaker at numerous QRCA events, including in 2016 and the WorldWide Qualitative Event in 2014
• Speaker at numerous ESOMAR events, including ESOMAR Congress in 2013 and 2016

• Vice President of the ESOMAR Council (2021 - current)
• Member of the ESOMAR Council (2018-2021)
• Member of the Board of the Association of Qualitative Research (2016 - current)
• Member of WIRe (Women in Research)
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