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UX in Travel and Urban Mobility

September 1, 2021

Once upon a time, the travel experience was known to, inevitably, be a hassle. Whether catching a flight for vacation, jumping on the metro to work, or commuting through bumper-to-bumper traffic, the process of moving locations can appear intimidating to many. But would you believe us if we told you that the rewards of traveling can be so much more than the final destination - but also the satisfaction of a simple and, even dare we say, enjoyable process?

Well, UX design makes this possible! Commuting and travel are human nature – and as human needs expand, technology adapts alongside the human experience. Smart devices, specifically, have grown exponentially in usability and accessibility and are paving the road for new collaborations between user experience and travel/mobility technology.

To quickly recap, smart devices are electronic tools and appliances that use advanced computing technology to connect to other devices and networks wirelessly. Appliances range from your mobile phone to your data tracking watch to your television or artificial intelligence systems in your car - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! With the implementation of smart technology, we are always living in the future. No, seriously, our devices are in a constant process of analyzing and sharing our data in order to predict our potential future needs or interests.

Now, having the added clarity, it’s safe to say that smart devices and technology are everywhere, meaning UX design is following very shortly behind! Where there is smart technology, there are user experience practices. From how we use public transportation and our automobiles to airport security and restaurant recommendations in the area, what UX brings to technology in travel and mobility is personalization. Leaving your home has never been so easy and being on the move has never felt so prepared.

Now, while UX is used in many of the technologies we use today, there is explosive growth and opportunity within city and urban locations. But why is that?

How is UX then influencing urban mobility?

City locations have historically been hyperactive in the evolution of technology, as there are high concentrations of people with new needs and new tech solutions. Today, cities are digitally adapted and are home to residents who are also just as tech-adaptive. Between the concentrated populations of digitally adapted civilians living in digitally adapted spaces and city culture that pushes for speed and efficiency, new tech and UX solutions are always in need and, therefore, in the works. The term ‘urban mobility’ refers to how residents move and travel throughout cities with a general consciousness of increasing city safety, transportation efficiency, and improving communities.

So, now that you have some background knowledge about travel, mobility, and user experience, check out some of the latest news and trends listed below! Try to think if any of these developments will impact your daily life? Will it be an improvement to your current travel situation?

  • Location intelligence changing the mobility game! Collected location data will be utilized by various industries including the building of smart cities and vehicle and automobile innovations, paving new means for improving user experience when en route. The data will encourage inclusive, eco-friendly, and accessible practices and services.

  • Smart Mobility to take over transportation. Cities look to implement intelligent connected networks in transportation to improve community safety, transport/ commute efficiency, and implement environmentally-conscious practices. Smart mobility will be, for many, a step towards the development of smart cities

  • Smart tech is a must for vacation rentals. With the vacation rental industry ready to start back up with a boom, rental owners are finding smart appliances are a necessity when housing guests to improve client experience. Keyless and digital check-in options, network thermostat and temperature control tech, and smart tech used to ensure proper cleanliness and care of the property are currently popular among property owners

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM) will be key in transforming city spaces. The European Commission’s SUM plan aims to promote actions prioritizing climate preservation through renewable energy sources, encouraging public transportation services, and other data-driven mobility actions. The implementation of sustainable urban mobility plans grows more popular as many locations move towards investing in the growth of smart cities.


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