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Let a Global UX Hub Bring You To a Whole New World

October 20, 2021

So far, we’ve given you a list of make-or-break topics to consider when hunting for the UX partner of your dreams - and now, we’re daring you to step even further outside of the box. We’re talking about scaling out your brand by working with UX partners who double as global hubs and why it’s worth investigating internationally rather than just your most available options. 

By partnering with a global UX powerhouse like MindSpark, you’re breaking the mold of traditional outsourcing for your brand by looking past local or most available options and into a future of international and innovative solutions. 

What does collaborating with a UX global hub bring to the table for your brand?

When collaborating with such a partner, whether it’s MindSpark or any other global UX agency, you’re investing in more than just solving a specific problem or outsourcing on a single project. Instead, you’re cooperating with a UX ally who will look to discover new issues and new potential in your brand and has the tools to take you to new heights. Still unsure if a UX global hub is the business partner for you? Well, we’ve listed some of our favorite perks of working with a global hub in comparison to other partner options below.

A. Global Hub vs. Smaller Teams or Freelancers

Smaller UX hubs potentially have fewer hands on deck, less time to spend on your brand while balancing other clients, and possibly less structure or organization. A global hub UX partner has the extra international hands that come together to create organic solutions and make inspirational research possible - without the hassle of working with a massive or too-small company. 

  1. When working with a global hub, everyone is well-connected! This leaves your brand fewer points of contact to manage, encouraging more direct communication options. You can trust that your message will be relayed efficiently to the corresponding teammates who need it - without the hassle of CC’ing all staff members or running circles trying to get a response from different departments and project teams. 

  1. Global hubs operate as a single and unified central body that contributes to managing quality control. To make sure all global members understand the goals, action plans, and tasks of a project, there is a massive amount of management and communication established within a central base. This is also a great way to have team members monitor work quality for consistency. If you're conducting a study in multiple countries, you can trust that your deliverables will all come from the same place - assuring you that there will not be a lot of fluctuation or inconsistencies related to outputs, recommendations, processes, and standards for work.

  1. Collaborating with a UX global hub gives you the extra reach to tap into new markets, while still being experts of your current or local one. By partnering with a UX global hub, you're almost extending your capabilities without overexerting your core team. The addition of your UX ally provides you extra knowledge across new markets in thorough yet digestible means. In short, you get the big picture, the nuances, and the important details of these new markets without having to invest in a full-scale investigation.

B. Global Hub vs. Larger International Corporations

Larger global teams may struggle to provide the personalized and hands-on service your brand needs. UX corporations are usually segmented by location, markets, or by offices in their business practices. While having many hands in many fields at the same time is useful, this leaves the business open to error, miscommunication, or inconsistencies in projects and tasks. You may feel like you're playing phone tag trying to connect to the right contact, or the game telephone with missteps and miscommunications between teams.

  1. A global hub has the tools to offer bespoke services that are custom-designed for you and your brand! These collectives are forward-thinking and able to craft an action plan best suited for your team or project without long-standing interviews or other redundant or avoidable processes. Instead, a global hub will cut to the chase and formulate a plan based off of their interpersonal interaction with you.
  1. Global hubs are also typically culturally mixed and diverse! With teams of multidisciplinary professionals coming together and maintaining an efficient basis for communication, they are able to have a hand in different markets while staying on the same page. By having a culturally mixed team at the core, there’s no need to “call the Brazilian office” to get quick answers on what has happened in an individual market. 
  1. A global hub UX ally has more flexibility and agility when it comes to business practices. A team can move faster, make quicker decisions or last minute changes, and have less ‘formal’ rules restricting them from finding the solutions you need in the time available. With this added agility, you can anticipate that your partner is also digitally sound and is leading the grain in digital strategies for communication and services. 

What sets Global Hubs apart Beyond the Research 

Global hubs, just like MindSpark Research, have the means to offer more than just research services. Under a global roof, you can find service design, product innovation, prototyping, and more while reaping the benefits of a hub that can put you in contact with your next users.

Whether providing you with a diverse panel of professionals who know the ins and outs of new markets and have the tools to communicate with users or clients outside of your cultural context, having the industry connections to push your brand or service in unknown terrain, or connecting your brand to future collaborators and users across the world, UX global hubs offer much more for your brand than your average run-of-the-mill partner. 

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