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How to Get Quick & Real-time Insights | Our Remote Research Toolbox Webinots*

May 26, 2020

We're launching our Our Remote Research Toolbox Webinot series where we'll be showcasing some of our favorite online platforms we've used for projects over the years. Hold up, what's a webinot? * A webinot is a short, succinct, on-demand recording that you can watch any time. You heard it here first!

Today, we're publishing our first webinot on Bilendi Discuss - a consumer insights platform through which you can unearth real-time insights from consumers/users by talking to them directly on WhatsApp, Messenger or e-mail.

In this 13-minute webinot, our Key Account Manager Tanya and Design Anthropologist Alicia talk about a recent project we did using the platform and what we really liked about it. We'll also be answering a few questions that we've received from partners.

Start the webinot party any time on-demand!

If you have any questions we did not cover, feel free to reach out to us on social media (@mindsparklab) or email! If you need help landing on a remote research approach, scroll down to grab your copy of our Remote Research Decision Tree!

Thanks for watching!

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Grab your free copy of our Remote Research Decision Tree!
Do you need a simple guide to help you land on a remote research approach? Never think twice again with our Remote Research Decision Tree including 10 questions that lead to 10 different ways of conducting online research.
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