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Empowering Women in Sports Through Inclusivity & Diversity - How Sh*t Gets Made, ep. 10

October 14, 2021

Norbert sits down with Liz and Josie from Women in Sport to talk about inclusion efforts in sport for all with special recognition of women's powerful relationship with sport and reclaiming / learning the rights to one’s body, to fitness and participation, and to existing free of criticism, and the positive change to come within a regularly critical or exclusive activity.

Liz Prinz started her career in international development, working for a small charity providing mental health support to people in post-conflict African countries. She's always been a passionate feminist and eventually found her way to Women in Sport, where she's an insight manager working to uncover the reasons women aren’t as active as men, and find solutions so that women and girls all have access to sport and physical activity that they love. 

Josie Jones has been a marketing and insight specialist most of my career mainly working in the FMCG space and doing lots of international work. She got to see so many inequalities in the world and it made me want to head in the for purpose sector. Josie joined Women in Sport because when as a family they relocated to the UK, she found getting access to sport for her girls was so difficult compared to her son. She decided she could moan about it or try and be part of the solution. The work Josie's done for Women in Sport has mainly focused around workplace culture and inclusion.


2:19 Introduction to Women in Sport and their mission

3:33 How insights impact sports and how other organizations can leverage data to make sports more diverse

10:18 Stereotypes and restrictions placed upon children and how it can be internalized at a young age

14:02 What prevents women of different age groups from getting involved in sports

20:36 Greatest challenges for women who pursue sports as a professional career

30:44 How listeners can contribute to and be helpful to your organization or their local organization

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