We help brands bring the customers they imagine..
To life!
Our Ethos

We are the international human experience experts. MindSpark empowers brands to innovate and create their best work, globally. By unearthing insight linked to the human-experience, we design explorations that illuminate, impact and inspire.

Stop guessing, start understanding.

Three reasons to start a project with us
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Global Brand/
Product Growth
Whether it’s launching a new product in an emerging market or growing one in an established one, we know the best way to get to know the users and customers that matter to you around the world.
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We help you to truly step outside of your developer/designer bubble and into the world of your users. The result? We bring you closer to the people you’re creating for, and raise the quality of their interactions with you.
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We love a lot of things. One thing we don’t love? When insights stop with a report that gets buried in a dusty cloud somewhere. We’re trained to come to you and steep your team in the insights, engaging them and helping the work go further.
Our Happy Clients
...and what they say
"We appreciate all the hard work that went into addressing all of our needsand making this a successful project. It's always a pleasure to work with you guys, thank you!"
“The whole project was completed to a very high standard and we could really tell that the MindSpark researchers were genuinely interested, engaged and passionate about the work.”
“Fantastic and very well-organized project management! I was always confident that everything was 100% on track, and I was updated at the right times in the right ways to reassure me.”
Our Amazing Team
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Dora heads up our Operations and has built a career on 3 P’s: perfection, precision and persistence. She is an agile problem-solver, always at the heart of things - she also says she loves working with excel sheets (but we don’t believe her...). Dora graduated with a degree in HR Management and has vast multicultural experience as a Project Manager from four countries. It was time that our go-getter decided to bless Paris (and us!) with her magic. Outside of work, you’ll find her sipping on wine, Netflix-ing and cooking – the holy trinity.
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Tanya is our Key Account Manager and - to date - she has never met a challenge she couldn’t tackle. She has a Master’s in Economics along with extensive experience from an array of industries like FMCG, banking and hospitality. Tanya always has a huge cloud of positivity and optimism around her, which we really like and enjoy (and often wish we had!) When she’s not busy hacking growth, she likes traveling around the globe, trying new tastes, listening to podcasts, learning about the world and volunteering.
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Kate is one of our Project Managers who brings forth a wealth of experience from major manufacturing companies and from managing research studies worldwide. She majored in Communications and her years in Sales and Customer Support plus having lived on three continents has made her flourish in the market research field. Kate loves being exposed to new places, people and different cultures, she is outgoing and is always eager to learn more. When she’s not at work, you will probably find her dancing, working out or doing some volunteer work.
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Norbert is our Creative Digital Strategist managing our brand and marketing. He majored in English and his can-do attitude has brought him to work with diverse companies as product designer and digital strategist on a multinational scale. Norbert’s always full of ideas and is known to be bold and spontaneous. We see him as a strong, independent man who does what he wants, when he wants #goals. In his free time, you’ll probably find him planning his next trip, learning a new language or watching Netflix – or all those at the same time…
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Nikki is the mastermind steering the MindSpark ship and setting the vision for the future with her decade-long multi- and cross-cultural expertise in the insight industry. She graduated with a BSc in Communication, spoke at the ESOMAR Congress multiple times and has also been elected to the ESOMAR Council. Nikki loves speaking on stage, throwing energetic workshops, and brainstorming about new and innovative ideas. When she’s not in the field, you’ll find her in pajamas either gaming, doing yoga, or having cozy time with her close friends and family.
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